With an emphasis on serving Pojoaque Tribal members, our mission is to enable youth, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible people.

We are part of the Boys and Girls Club of America, a proven century-old youth development organization serving about 4 million youth nationwide, including Native American Tribes.

Our Core Beliefs

We provide youth with the following:

  • Safe, positive, and inclusive environments in which to learn and grow.
  • Opportunities to develop positive, meaningful, and healthy connections with peers and youth development professionals.
  • High-quality programs and activities that build upon youth people’s strengths allow them to explore new experiences and help them develop skills for good decision-making.
  • Opportunities for youth to lead, share ideas, and be heard and recognized.

Meet your Boys and Girls Club Staff


Ramon Garcia, Director/CEO

Meet Ramon, a committed leader with 14 years of experience in non-profit management, MBA degree, and expertise in marketing.  Ramon is a passionate advocate for academic enrichment and community-building.  He has leveraged his knowledge and skills to help non-profit organizations build capacity, streamline operations, and enhance their impact. He says: “I feel blessed to serve the Pueblo of Pojoaque youth, and I hope to be part of the strong support network they have for them here.”


Lauren Martinez, Manager of Operations

Meet Lauren, a dynamic professional with more than eight years of experience in the Boys and Girls Club. She earned a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, which she uses to supplement academic activities at the Boys and Girls Club. As a tribal member of Nambe Pueblo, she regards cultural and language activities at the club as crucial. She says: “Kids need mentors and good role models, and I strive to be the best for them.”


Josie Viarrial, Arts Director

Meet Josie, an experienced Pojoaque Boys and Girls Club team member who has been with the organization since 2006. She brings her expertise to work and prioritizes safety in all facets of the club experience.  Among her many talents, Josie has mastered traditional native art-making and shares her skill with the youth.  She says: ” I have seen kids come through the club and become successful adults, and it makes me happy when they talk about their positive memories.”

Melina Gallegos

Melina Gallegos, Cook

Meet Melina, an active and accomplished food professional experienced in community food service.  As part of Pojoaque’s Senior Center for ten years, she has built strong connections with tribal elders. Now, she is dedicated to ensuring all club members receive fresh and nutritious meals daily. The kid’s favorites include biscuits and gravy and bowtie pasta with chicken. She says: “When kids are well fed, everything else falls into place naturally.”

Alex Villalobos

Alex Villalobos, Program Aide

Meet Alex, an enthusiastic youth development professional that has worked with youth for two years.  Originally from Santa Fe, he understands cultures in the north, including Pojoaque. He is married to a Pojoaque tribal member and has deep connections with people in the community.  He says: “I know a lot of the kids here in Pojoaque; I am related to some of them, but now I get to give them a positive experience at the club.” 

Charles Cherry

Charles Cherry, Program Aide

Meet Charles, a humble and active person who has focused his career on delivering excellent customer service.  He has experience as a camp leader at the Boys Scouts and uses his passion for organized play to bring club members interactive experiences in all games. Charles is considered the club’s board game expert! He says: “I always want to do the right thing when it comes to kids because I know that every activity  is a learning experience for them.”