By working on Technical Skills, Collaboration, and Innovation, Club members will be equipped with the necessary tools and abilities to excel in the fields of 3D printing, graphic design, and circuit programming and prepare them for future endeavors in STEAM-related areas.

Develop Technical Skills: Develop technical skills in 3D printing, graphic design, and Circuit Building. Students will be provided with hands-on experiences and guided instruction to learn how to operate 3D printers, use graphic design software, and assemble and program circuit building blocks. Club members should gain proficiency in these technical skills through structured activities and projects.

Foster Creativity and Innovation: By exploring creative aspects of 3D printing, graphic design, and building blocks, Club members will be encouraged to think critically and come up with unique solutions to problems. They will be given opportunities to create their own designs, models, and circuits, applying their imagination and innovative thinking. This objective aims to inspire students to become inventors in the STEAM fields.

Encourage Collaboration and Problem-Solving: Collaboration and problem-solving skills are essential skills in STEAM. Therefore, the program will focus on encouraging students to collaborate effectively in teams while working on 3D printing, graphic design, and Circuit Building Blocks. Club members will be given projects that require them to strategize, communicate, and work together to find solutions.  The objective is to develop their teamwork skills and nurture their ability to solve complex problems collaboratively.

Club members participate in projects that help them collaborate and practice problem-solving skills.

One of our very talented Club members made this short during our Claymation workshop.