Nutrition Program

Goals of the Nutrition Program

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits: The first objective is to educate and encourage Club members to adopt healthy eating habits. We provide nutritious snacks and meals, conduct interactive workshops on healthy eating, and teach the importance of balanced nutrition.

Increasing Nutritional Knowledge: The second objective is to enhance children’s understanding of nutrition. Educational activities like cooking classes, nutrition-themed games, and discussions on the benefits of different food groups aim to empower Club members to make informed choices about their diet.

Cooking Classes at the Club

The Club offers fun and interactive cooking classes to introduce youth to the joys of cooking and eating healthy food. 

Club members learn to make dishes like pizza, tacos, pasta, cakes, pies, and other sweet treats.

Through these classes, they acquire skills such as chopping, mixing, measuring, and baking.

Kids Cooking measuring
Cooking Healthy Snacks
Baking Calss